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Sunday, June 04, 2006

New dishwasher!!!

Well, my prayers were answered. Our evil old dishwasher finally sprung a leak and Andy said, "let's go buy a new one". It was like a commercial for Cascade around here...our old evil dishwasher was one of those that you had to wash the dishes before you could put them in the dishwasher. I was ELATED when it died to say the least! Our new one has all sorts of bells and whistles. It was the best one Home Depot had in stock. My dear husband spent all day yesterday installing it, and he did a great job!

My kids have always been the kind that they'd rather have a stick and a box instead of a bunch of toys. So, needless to say, Kaymie and Levi had a blast with the dishwasher box yesterday (everybody else was gone...it was WEIRD to only have two kids at home!!)

Speaking of my kids, look at this picture of Tilley...hmmmm, the weird things my kids do with my camera. Then there's one of Levi sleeping that Daniel took the other night. So sweet!


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