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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Something that REALLY annoys me...

I absolutely despise it when parents are either unwilling or incapable of correcting their children. Gets on my nerves. I'm not the kind of parent who continually swoons over my children, telling them all the time that they are perfect, wonderful, and that they can do no wrong. I build my children up, but I also let them know when they've done wrong and that I expect them to fix it. I also don't let my children willingly hurt other people without them making it right with that person. So, that leads me to this rant...we have this family in our church. I'll call them the "BPs for bad parents". There's BP dad, BP mom, daughters D1, D2, D3 (not their real names of course). Anyway, D2 has to be THE most evil child to have ever walked the planet...really. She's fifteen and an absolute terror. NOBODY in our church likes this family and the whole congregation would breathe a collective sigh of relief if they just left. They're troublemakers, kwim? Well, D2 has dated this boy in our church. This boy has a bit of a "past" (ya know, who doesn't?) Well, D2 got mad at this boy one night and started blabbing to other people this boy's "secrets". We're not talking too much partying here, this was serious stuff that involved other people. D2's parents, Mr. and Mrs. BP WOULD NOT, absolutely REFUSED to correct D2 for her actions. They are BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD parents, plain and simple. AARRGGHH!

The kids and I spent the better part of today at my mom's place. She lives in a condo not too far from here, and the condo has a nice pool area. The kids swam and my mom and I got to spend some quality time together. It was nice. We do have a pool in our back yard here, but it's always more fun to swim at somebody else's house.

We've heard that Andy's brother is being sent back to Iraq. That's all a bit scary in my opinion. I will give the Marines credit, though. They've kept him here in the US for over two years because his daughter had cancer. I'm very thankful for that because it would have been extremely difficult for his wife to care for their other two children and tend to their daughter like she needed to. Please pray that God will send angels with Jeff to keep him safe while he's there and to bring him home quickly.

Georgia pic for the day...here she is in her swing. Levi nearly turned the thing over so he could kiss her. What a sweet big brother! It's still so hard without her. I went to Kohl's this evening and all the little baby girl things there. I found myself in the baby department looking at stuff and found the cutest baby girl swimsuit. It was kinda weird, almost like it wasn't me or something, but the thought ran through my mind how cute Georgia would be in that and to get it...and then it hit me. *sigh* I love you my sweet baby girl!!! Oh, how I miss you.


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