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Monday, May 29, 2006

Go Vols!

My kids play little league baseball. We have 5 kids on 3 different teams. Tilley and Riley play on the Vols team (mega points for originality on the team name considering we live in TN!) Anyway, the Vols are THE team to beat in their age bracket, Coach Pitch II. The Vols had a double header tonight. The first game was against the Red Sox and it went swimmingly. ALL was well. Then, they played the Lizards. The Lizards have some real cool kids on their team. However, they have the coach from hell, ESPECIALLY when his kid is batting or on base. Gives him the evil eye and tells him through clenched teeth, "you better do so and so". Poor little guy, where's the fun in that? BTW, the Vols won BOTH games which, I think, is huge considering it was miserably hot out there tonight.

Andy and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sit out near left field. Riley usually plays left field (although tonight he was on third) and it's got a nice area for our younger kids to play. Well, tonight Mr. and Mrs. BB (stands for big butt) parked their ridiculously HUGE hineys right in our line of sight. We could not see our children bat! Andy went and told them that we couldn't see and they basically said "too bad" and continued to stand there barking out orders to their granddaughter Kiara. Poor thing, she was in tears at one point.

Here's the view I had tonight of my children batting...

Moving from baseball, our church chooses to honor the dead on the Sunday before Memorial Day. That's quite a tradition in the south. It's "decoration day" in most cemetaries. We passed a cemetary tonight and it was quite beautiful with all the new flower arrangements out there. Anyway, they present flowers to the family of each person that died since last Memorial Day. The flowers are beautiful red and white carnations with a beautiful patriotic bow. It was hard accepting those flowers yesterday. You think you're finally to the point that you're "okay for the day". I thought that yesterday and quickly found out that I wasn't. Making that walk to get those flowers was so difficult and reminded me yet again that my sweet Georgia is gone. I sure do miss her.

Speaking of Georgia, here's a pic of Daddy holding her while he and the kids play cards. Notice the pink playing cards...Andy bought those just because of her.

Here's a cute picture of Andy, Kaymie and Levi heading from the parking area up to the field. Notice how absolutely darling Kaymie is carrying her Cindalella chair over her shoulder.


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