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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday again...

Wow, it's Thursday. This week has been fast! Three day weekend coming up...I get my honey home for three whole days! We're going to his brother Scott's house in Morristown on Saturday. They recently relocated here from Little Rock and have bought a great house with an inground pool. The kids will have a blast!

I went back to the chiropractor today. I think it's helping... Then we had to go to the bank and get some stuff notarized. For those of you who don't know, when you adopt a "special needs" child, the state will give you a subsidy on that child til they're 18 or until they finish college. So, they send you this huge pack of papers every year and it has to be notarized. It's their ignorant way of asking, "do you want us to continue sending you the $$" I just want to say, "when we DON'T want you money anymore, we'll let you know!" They send all 7 at different times during the year and it's just a big pain...not to mention all the wasted paper and postage! But, it's worth it. It ain't a lot of money, but it helps.

Another ballgame tonight. I think we just need to move in over there.

I love this picture of Levi. Big Lots had these bags of jalapeno chips on clearance for about thirty cents a bag. Since I rarely turn down a bargain like that, I bought some. So the kids were at the table eating them, and some actually liked them. Then there was Levi...he cried because they were hot and then he cried because we wouldn't let him have anymore. Go figure!

Georgia pic of the day...look how tiny she was in this picture!!!


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