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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Long time no blog...

I've been out of commission this week. Still battling these headaches! I'm happy to report that the right side seems to be much better!!! PTL!!!

We went and looked at a house the other night. We haven't been actively looking since late last year. The house is beautiful but two of the rooms don't have heat or air (why do people build big fancy houses and do stupid things like that) and it's pretty far out in the country. There's no pool for the kids and no Christina and Jodie across the street to play with. It is fully bricked, no maintenance and it sits on a little more than five acres of land. I don't know. I'm just afraid that my kids would be bored out there plus they'd be covered all the time with poison ivey!

Here's a Georgia pic for today...this was New Year's Eve. I was sick with strep throat. But I came downstairs and got this great pic of Georgia and big sis, Kaymie!

12 minutes til the AI finale...GO TAYLOR GO!!!

A great pic of Levi and Daddy on the mower!

Andy giving Jodie, our neighbor, and Asher some popcorn! Jodie loves to come here because I always fix her popcorn!


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