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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sorty sore, sorty siy...

That's forty-four, forty five to you and me. Asher can't pronounce his "f's", so he uses an "s" instead. He was counting for us during supper tonight. He started counting right after he got finished telling me "you cute, mommy", "you pretty, mommy", "I like you shoes, mommy". Can you say LADY KILLER???? Love that kid!

Had an "incident" with my neighbor this morning. First of all, let me say that YES, I'm aware that there is a leash law in my county. I also know that very few, if any, people in my neighborhood observe that leash law. Darla and Trixie, my beloved doggies, had been in the house all morning. I let them out for a potty break while I folded a load of clothes (got ALL the laundry done today, btw!) and checked my email. They hadn't been outside 15 minutes when Asher says (he and I were home alone this morning), "mommy somebody's at the door". I went to the door and there was my neighbor, Bill. He asked if Andy was home and I told him no. He immediately went into a rage about how he'd talked to Andy about our dogs before (yea, about dog poop in his yard and I've already stated that our dogs aren't the only ones in the neighborhood off their leash) and how my dog had "attacked" him and how he had a witness. I began to apologize and he kept on waving his finger in my face and running his mouth. He kept on about how he wasn't going to put up with that in HIS neighborhood (um, I live in this neighborhood, too...and my house is bigger and nicer). He was so mad that he was trembling and his face was turning red and he was almost yelling. I was home alone with a five year old, my guard dog, Trixie, was around the other side of the house with NO clue what was going on and I was scared. All I could do was tell him that I was sorry. He began to leave my porch and just kept hollering and waving his finger at me.

I was already in the midst of a horrendous headache, I've been stressed about Georgia's death, and I did NOT need that! Furthermore, if he had been a gentleman, he would have waited and talked to Andy. So when Andy comes home I'm crying like a baby and trying to explain what happened. Now, all this time, I'm thinking that he'd been attacked by Trixie (pictured L). Andy goes to talk to Bill's "witness" and the witness says it was Darla (pictured below)!!!!! Darla is NOT an agressive dog. The witness said that he and Bill were talking and the next thing he knew, Darla was jumping up and trying to bite Bill from behind and that he finally hit her with a baseball to get her off of him. I'm thinking he's been mean to Darla in the past when she was out for a pb and she remembered it, or he made some sort of move towards her that she felt was threatening and she thought to herself, "oh no mister...not today". Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, but he sure had me upset.

Here's your Georgia pic of the day. I was about to give her first REAL bath. Her cord hadn't fallen off yet, but I'd decided that it was time (her cord fell off the next day). You'll have to excuse my "bad hair" for that day. With this many kiddos, sometimes I do good to get deodorant on!!


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