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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2 year check up

I took Levi for his 2 year check up today with our awesome pediatrician, Dr. Blevins. Here's Levi's stats:
*weight: 25 lbs. 13 ozs. (25%)
*height: 33 1/4" (25%)
*head circumference: 51.4 cm (>95%)
He said Levi looks healthy and commented on Levi's long eyelashes (we hear that a LOT). He also said that both of his ear tubes are out of the eardrum and that he will be losing them in a few days. I'm actually glad because we won't have to be so careful about his ears this year when he's in the pool.

Dr. B and I talked about Georgia. He asked how we were doing. He's proven himself to be extremely kind and compassionate through all this. I told him the autopsy still isn't back (which annoys me...it's been almost TEN weeks!) He said he fully expects the autopsy to show "nothing" which will give a diagnosis of SIDS. He said this isn't the first time he's dealt with this in his time as a doctor. He spoke of the first time he ever saw this happen and how devastated the parents were. He said that child, like Georgia, was perfectly healthy. He said that the parents laid her down for a nap, just like we did Georgia, and that she simply didn't wake up. I miss her so much...this SUCKS!!!

And now for your Georgia pic of the day...this picture is literally the first time I got my hands on her! We had just picked her up from the DCS worker and I was moving her from their carseat to ours. Andy and I were crying and I was telling her that we'd waited and prayed for her. What a HAPPY, HAPPY day that was!!!

Please consider adopting a waiting child...there are so many waiting who REALLY want a mommy and daddy.


At 12:07 AM , Blogger Pep said...

Jill - Still thinking of you often and praying you will find peace after the loss of Georgia. I know it's hard to accept, especially when there are no real answers. Loved the car seat photo.. so sweet. She's soooo tiny.


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