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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Well, I had to have Asher to the ballfield by 9:00 this morning to have his picture made with the team. He plays t-ball and his team is called the "Tee Wees"...how cute is that? Since it will be weeks before the pics are back, I'll attach my own. Ain't he cute???

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and there's been lots of top secret stuff going on around here. I took my mother to Aubrey's to eat...it's our favorite restaurant. If it's not raining tomorrow, maybe we can drive up to Georgia's grave (it's about 75 miles away thanks to her never-involved, hadn't seen her since she was a day old birth parents.)

So I told you that I went to that meeting yesterday, so that means that Andy was here with the kids. I'm attaching a pic (it's not very good, one of the kids must have taken it) of Levi drinking diet Mtn. Dew STRAIGHT FROM THE 2 LTR. BOTTLE!!!!! It's a wonder he slept at all last night!

I'm attaching a pic of my sweet Kaymie. She's such a girlie girl! :)

Have you considered adopting a waiting child lately? Their greatest desire is to have a family...how basic is that?


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