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Friday, May 12, 2006

Back from the meeting...

Well, I'm home from my meeting in Morristown today. It was nice. DCS in TN is applying to be accredited. There are only 7 other states in the US that are accredited (one of them being KY which is where our current commissioner worked before coming to TN). It's a big deal and a very L-O-N-G process. I did find out that I was only 1 of three foster parents from this part of TN that was invited. The coolest part was meeting commissioner Dr. Viola Miller (pictured) was there...she was the speaker. I've been a foster/adoptive parent for 13 years and have never met the commissioner (for the record, she's only been on the job 2 years)! She is such a neat lady and is quite entertaining. She is also very involved and will respond to an email, generally, in just a few minutes! I've been to lots of these DCS training things and they are usually boring, but she kept it interesting...not to mention they served a great lunch!

Asher's preschool sent home an interesting questionnaire for Mother's Day. It's questions they asked him. Here they are, my responses are in italic...
*What is your mom's name? Kasey (Kasey? I thought my name was Jill!)
*What does she do? kiss me (awwww!)
*How old is she? 16 (now THAT'S a boy after my heart!)
*What does Daddy call Mom? honey (true...but it's usually "baby" )
*What is her favorite color? pink
*What is her favorite food? carrots (WHAT??? )
*What is her favorite restaurant? McDonald's (only if I'm starving! )
*Where does she like to take you for fun? the grocery story ( oh yea, now THAT'S fun!)
*What is her favorite movie? "The Incredibles" (never seen it!)
*What message do you want to tell her for Mother's day? "I love you!" (gosh I love that kid! )

My sweet Georgia died 9 weeks ago today. It has been the hardest 9 weeks of my life. To describe the hurt and void I feel would be impossible. I'm posting the last pic ever taken of her. It's not a great picture, but it's the last one. She was laying on my lap and Tilley put a little tiara on her. Sean grabbed the camera and took a picture...I'm so glad he did! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SWEET GEORGIA ROSE!!!!!

Have you considered adopting a waiting child lately?


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