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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thankful today...

I know I originally said this is supposed to be about little stuff, but I have to say today that I am thankful for my pastor, Dr. Ernie Varner. Pastor Varner has to have one of the sweetest spirits of anybody I've ever met. He preaches the word, not 429 stories per sermon and 2 Bible verses...he preaches ALL word! He's kind and compassionate and is always very careful about doing things the right way and not hurting anybody's feelings. We've recently had an uproar in our church (read my previous posts about Mr. and Mrs. Badparents and their unruly daughters, especially D2 and D3). Pastor Varner has handled the entire situation with an amazing amount of grace and dignity and always with a kind word. He's such a great guy!


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