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Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't understand...

Why is it that some women are drawn to losers? Why can't they pick a nice, decent guy and live happily ever after (like me)? I have a dear friend, actually, she's almost like a daughter, who seems to be incapable of finding a good man. We've told her over and over again to just wait and the Lord will send her the right guy. Instead of waiting (which is also what she heard from the Lord), she's picked one of the biggest losers in our area. This guy is about 11 years older than her, is a partier, druggie, no good kind of a guy. He has a pretty set pattern...he's all about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll...until he gets in trouble with the police. Then, he's burning white hot for God for a few weeks until he's back to his same old stuff. My friend is such a sweet girl and wants so desperately to have a good mate. She's very responsible; she works two jobs and has just bought a house. Loser, on the other hand, still lives at home with mama. My friend attends church regularly, but now even that is falling by the wayside because of this no good guy.

*sigh* It's hard to sit back and watch, but I've tried to warn her and she won't listen. I guess she'll have to get burnt to learn for herself.


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