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Monday, August 21, 2006

Two more days...

Until Asher starts kindergarten! He is so very excited. Tilley, Riley, and Sean started on the 9th. Tucker did, too, but he's here being homeschooled. Asher has been SUCH a good boy while Tucker and I spend our time doing Tucker's schoolwork. Tucker, Levi, Kaymie, and I have homeschool co-op tomorrow so my friend, Vickie, will be keeping Asher, and Wednesday is the big day! We got his glasses replaced and he has his new tennis shoes and backpack so he's ready to go. He's come a long way from that neglected 5 month old baby we picked up in July 2001. He was so pitiful, he would not make eye contact with anybody, acted like he'd never seen a toy, and his head was as flat as a board because he'd been laying in a car seat for most of his life. He still struggles with delays from that severe neglect, but he's come SOOOO far!


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