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Thursday, July 20, 2006

10 kids for breakfast!

I fixed pancakes for breakfast yesterday. I had 7 of mine, Brooklyn, Madie, and Micah. I fixed over 3 pounds of Bisquick (I buy the 6 lb. box), and almost 2 pounds of sausage. That's a lot of food!

After breakfast, my cousin, Hollie, decided to do tattoos on all the kids. Hollie is quite artistic and did a great job. Some of them got tired of waiting, so Brookie and Sean decided to do a few tattoos of their own.

In a previous post, I talked about Riley and Tilley's baseball banquet. Although they didn't win the "World Series", they were the league champions having lost only 1 game. Tilley won the "Singles Hitter" award because she consistently got on base more than any other player. Riley won the "Home Run Hitter" award because of his out-of-the-park homerun! The banquet was held at Events at Sherlake which is a huge indoor playground with lots of inflatable slides, etc. They had Pizza hut pizza brought in and the kids had a blast. Here's a few pics...

Here's all the kids with coach Terry. He's such a great guy. His wife is a dear friend of mine and is actually the DCS worker who placed Tucker, Riley, and Sean with us (the friendship came after the adoptions were final so there was no conflict of interest).


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