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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In three days...

I will be sitting on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL!!! WOOHOO!!! I so NEED vacation this year. It's been wild the past several months. Georgia was born in December, I had kidney stones in January, surgery to remove them in February, and Georgia died in March. I can only remember one other time when my life was this stressful.

Leaving ya with a pic of my 23 year old daughter. 23 you say, how could you have a 23 year old?? Well, because she's dear friend's daughter and she relocated to TN a couple years ago and has lived with us off and on since then. She recently purchased her own home!!! This pic is of her enjoying my daddy's b'day cake. Love ya, Ashleigh!

And here's my cousin, Madie, who is going to the beach with us. I love this girl!


At 7:44 AM , Blogger Shay said...

Jill I hope you enjoy your vacation. I am so jealous! Have a great time and be sure to tell us all about how you missed us and thought about us everyday *wink, wink*



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